Mountain log

A list of backcountry skiing and climbing trips, aimed at showing potential clients / employers that I ski, and I know stuff.

Backcountry skiing

This is a list of human powered ski tours, loosely in NZMGA format but using ATES terrain ratings. All ski trips include continuous snowpack assessment using hand pits, skin track tests, pole penetration, ongoing observation and discussion with all team members. Trips after 2015 are all on telemark ski equipment.

DateAreaLocationWxSnowpackTeamCommentsDaysATES ratingGlaciated
13 August 2023Alpine National ParkMachinery Spursunny, low windspring conditions – frozen in the morning, slushy afterniinAdam SteerEast facing gullies north ot Mt Lich on Machinery spur. Really nice spring slush, but hot!11no
26 January 2023LanvangsdalenSkjelelvhogdaSnowing, light windCold new snow,, ski penetration 20-30cmAdam SteerTree skiing in fresh powder. Breaking trail all 500m up.11no
25 January 2023LanvangsdalenSkjelelvhogdaSnowing, light windCold new snow, ski penetration 20-30cmAdam SteerTree skiing in fresh powder. Skin track alreay in, so a couple of laps were done11No
19 January 2023LanvangsdalenSkjelelvhogdaClear, coldCold new snowAdam Steer
Tim Ciosek
Calvin Shackleton
Crusty snow above treeline, powder skiing in the forests. First sunrise of 2023!11no
6 January 2023KvaløyaSkittentindenClear, coldCold newsnowAdam SteerAmazing conditions top to bottom12no
5 January 2023KvaløyaSteinskarstindenClear, coldCrusty with pockets of fresh snowAdam Steer11no
29 December 2022KvaløyaRødtind4/8 cloud, calmcold loose snow at lower elevations, wind packed above 350m ASLAdam SteerTook the northern aspect of Rødtind from the top, into a field of long wind scours. Technical skiing until ca. 350m ASL, then into loose snow agaiin, although it was getting heavier11no
28 December 2o22KvaløyaRødtindclear, calmsettling, still cold dry snow from snowfall 25/26 DecemberAdam SteerFirst headlamp ski11no
27 DecemberKvaløyaTverfjelletclear, gusty winds to 15m?swind affected – light wind crust everywhere. Dense wind slabs up highAdam Steer, Andrea SchneiderSnow study pit at 550m ASL, no ECT ot CT results to 120cm. Abandonded because of wind.11no
26 December 2022KbaløyaRødtindencalm, clearrefilled! 15+ cm new snowAdam Steer11no
23 December 2022KvaløyaLille Bålmannovercastm slight wind15-20 cm new snow, thin in wind-exposed regions, plenty of hidden rocks remainAdam SteerClimb via normal route, whiteout for the upper 200m. Clearedfor descending, via central gully, up to 30 degree slopes. Snow stable. 11no
18 December 2022KvaløyaRødtindencalm, clearthin! Adam Steer, Andrea Schneider, Veronika NemesEarly season snow! Thin especiially in wind exposed areas. Introductory tour for Veronika Names11no
26 June 2022MalangenSlettindenSunny, calmNo snow until 500m ASL, summer slush conditions aboveAdam Steer, Hans Torsrud, Tim CiosekMidnithg sun ski. Hiking along a ridge to approx 500m ASL, then skinning up. Skiing down small snow patches12no
18 June 2022LavangsdalenAnderdalstindenOvercast, light breezeNo snow until 300m ASL, summer slush above. Sun cups, creep/glide featuresAdam Steer, Tim CiosekMidnight sun ski. Straightforward hike to snow, then skinning up descent route. Skier released wet slide earlier in the day, no noticable stability problems on this tour.12no
19 may 2022KvaloyaSteinskarstindSunny, calmFrozen below 700m, 10cm fresh on crust aboveAdam SteerDifficult skinning conditions early, wonderful upper sections!11no
30 April 2022KvaloyaStraumsakslaOvercast, moderate breezeRecent snowfall on hard under layer, severely wind affected – icy on wind exposed ridgesAdam Steer, Hans Torsrud, Tim CiosekAlmost zero visibility on descent11no
28 April 2022LavangsdalenSkjelelvhogdaSnowing, overcastFresh snow! Powder day. Deep instabilities – depth hoar forming under an old crust, 40cm new snow on topAdam Steer, Tim Ciosek, Olavi Tree skiing in fresh snow! Detailed snowpit at 500m ASL11no
27 April 2022LavangsdalenSkjelelvhogdaSnowing, overcastFresh snow! Powder day. Deep instabilities – depth hoar forming under an old crust, 40cm new snow on topAdam Steer, OlaviTree skiing in fresh powder11no
15 April 2022KvaloyaSkittentindenSun and cloud, moderate breezeFresh snow, becoming heavy below 400m ASLAdam SteerBeautiful skiing, limited visibility above 900m ASL12no
4 April 2022BreivikeidetRundfjelletSun and cloudWind packed snowAdam Steer, Andrea Schneidertricky skin track above the treeline11no
31 March 2022BreivikeidetUllstindenSun and cloudfresh snow, wind affected below 600mAdam Steer, Zoe KoenigSkiing with no visbility from 1000m to 600m asl, cleared up for the lower mountain11no
28 March 2022KvaloyaSkittentindenSunny, moderate breezeWind packed snow above 700m ASL, wind drifts on crust below 400m asl, beautiful in betweenAdam Steerbeautiful day especially lower down. Avoided a slab avalanche trigger in one gully, because another skier already triggered it (and escaped)! Climbed out and took a safer route.12no
26 March 2022KvaloyaSkittentindenSunny trending to overcastfresh heavy snow below 400m, beautiful snow to 700mAdam Steerbeautiful start with visibility deteriorating to blizzard. did not summit, bailed at about 700m ASL and skied down in very low vis12no
13 March 2022SpitsbergenTrollsteinenSunny, calmWind packed snow the whole way, heavy ski grabbers below 400mAdam SteerSunny day, wonderful ski on the east face of trollsteinen in the last sunlight12yes
12 March 2022SpitsbergenLarsbreenmoderate wind, weather deterioratingwind packed snowAdam Steer, Zoe KoenigIntended destination was Lars Hiertafjellet, balied due to weather and went to Larsbreen glacier caves instead12yes
11 March 2022SpitsbergenTrollsteinenSunny, moderate windwind packed snowAdam Steer, Zoe Koenig, Afternoon trip on Trollsteinen, completed just as night fell12yes
15 February 2022BreivikeidetUllstindenSunny, moderate windfresh powder, wind packed above 800mAdam SteerNice solo day on safe terrain11no
5 February 2022BreivikeidetStormheimfjelletmoderate wind, overcastwind packed and icyAdam Steer, Andreas KlockerSurvival skiing – type 2 fun.11no
21 January 2022KvaloyaTverfjelletovercast, calmfresh and floofyAdam Steer, Hans Torsrudvery very cold, but wonderful snow on safe terrain11no
9 April 2021KvaloyaStorsteinnestindsunny, calmfresh and floofy!Geir Moholdt, Adam SteerVery cold (-10), beautiful, sable snow. Snowpit at 600m ASL12no


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