Community building and volunteering


Director, the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo):

I invest my volunteering energy into helping make decisions about how to support a global community of passionate open source geospatial software developers and users. It needs a lot of listening, a little talking, and a lot of care. I was elected in December 2021, my terms runs for two years, this role consumes a few hours per week and is compensated entirely by the joy of giving, to a community who’s whole focus is… giving!


Sponsorship lead, founding director, elected director, OSGeo Oceania:

In 2018 a community got together and ran the first open source geospatial software conference in the Oceania region since FOSS4G 200Volunteering9. I led the effort to raise money for the event, and created the Good Mojo program which allocated funding specifically for DEI initiatives – for example travel grant programs, funding the inclusion of children at conferences, and networking events. Based on the incredible success of that event, the organising committee formed a not-for-profit company, OSGeo Oceania, to support future events and the community in general. I was a founding director of the company, then elected director.

In 2019 I coordinated a carbon offset program for the FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference. Instead of buying offsets, we financed a small canopy restoration project near Melbourne, Victoria. Using local knowledge and long-lived species, this will put away far more carbon than the conference generated. It will also enrich and restore ecosystem functions in the park. I’m pretty proud of this approach and its outcomes.


Mountain bike trail maintenance and advocacy, Eildon

Working with the Murrindindi Cycle Club to maintain old mountain bike trails near Eildon, and liaise with Goulburn Murray Water to obtain legal access to trails for the general public. I was overjoyed to see that in 2020, with a lot of ongoing work from the Murrindindi Cycling Club, this seed finally matured and Eildon as a public mountain bike trail network!