Author: adam

  • A new ski print!

    A new ski print!

    A new print has arrived in the Spatialised store! This is enormous news not just because it is a really nice design (IMO) – it represents a breaking of a near 6 month creative drought. Some light seeping in through the cracks. I also want to take a moment to talk about making art. In…

  • They’re not your people

    They’re not your people

    I often see team leaders, managers, executives talk about their people. They’re not your people. Sure as a leader you’re nominally responsible for the results of your team’s work – so the question for you is “what’s the best approach to doing this with the group of people here, what does everyone need?”. In effect,…

  • Short thoughts

    Short thoughts

    Hi, and welcome. This is the first post in a new personal blog, for shortish thoughts. I’ve been writing on the internet for a long time (just ask Google!), and haven’t had a brain dump space for a while. My other two sites – and get into longer and more detailed ideas. This…